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Eye Foundation

Mangala hospital and charitable institutions is working towards deliverance of responsible and professional health care. Ever since its inception in 1987, Mangala Hospital has been rendering eye care services. A concept of an eye foundation was conceived way back in 1990.Eversince, regular eye care services ranging from cataract surgeries to corneal grafts, retinal and vitreous surgeries, squint corrective surgeries were in progress. Now, the whole range of eye care services are brought into fold of a separate institutional approach. Viz .The Mangala Eye Foundation under the Mangala Charitable Trust.

An “all under one roof” and with a motto of Vision our Mission is being launched.

Under leadership of Dr. Ganapathy and with involvement of a group of dedicated eye specialists of various sub-specialties of ophthalmology,the center intends to deliver good eye care. As of now the eye care services are empowered with top end Zeiss operating microscope, Laser facilities, vitrious and retinal surgical gadjets,and scores of expensive micro-surgical equipments. Phacoemlusification, Sutureless, micro incissional cataract surgery where in cataract removal and implantation of various types of Intraocular lenses are done on daily basis as an outpatient procedure. Several visiting ophthalmologists of sub-specialties of ophthalmology render their services in fields of Glaucoma, ocular trauma, oculoplasty, Squint and pediatric eye care, retinal diseases etc.

Though housed at the moment housed at the Mangala Hospital, Eye foundation will move into a large building exclusively for eye care close to the Mangala Hospital. The project is in Blue print and it is only matter of time it will become a reality.

The entire eye care is well backed by talented youth trained in Mangala College of Optometry and Mangala School of Paramedical Sciences, another project run by the Mangala trust.

With Vision our mission as our motto, Mangala Eye Foundation will be a project to watch for and surely services are going to be within the reach of a common man. The Mangala Charitable Trust is already delivering some percentage of subsidized and sometime free medical care, plans to deliver the same promise to the eye care too.