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Kidney Foundation

Mangala Hospital & Mangala Kidney Foundation

Mangala Kidney Foundation – Legacy in Urological care
Urological care has essentially been our strength; Mangala Kidney Foundation has been in the forefront of delivering comprehensive and cost effective carrying every field of urology under Dr. Moideen Nafseer– One of most well-known urologist in Karnataka State. This is reflected in our being the first to introduce several state of the art technologies as well as Endo-surgical procedures in the district. These include:

Extra-Corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) – The first hospital in the district to introduce this painless outpatient procedure for breaking Kidney stones by inducting the Medi-Lith Electro-Hydraulic Lithotripter in 1999.Per-Cutaneous Nephro Lithotripsy (PSNL) – First to regularly perform this Key hole surgical procedure to remove large Stag horn stones from the kidney.

Uretero- renoscopy (URS)- Full range of  Ureteroscopes and expertise for removal of ureteric and suitable renal calculi adults and children with 24 hours admission.Flexible Ureteroscopy – 2.5 FrStorz flexible ureteroscope allows access to all parts of the kidney, including the lower calyx (not accessible by standard rigid ureteroscope) to treat calculi and papillary necrosis.Holmium Yag Laser- The 1st center in D.K and Udupi, 3 rd unit in India. The 10 W Holmium YAGH Laser (Karl StorzCalculase) allows fragmentation of all varieties of renal stones (irrespective of their hardness or composition). This powerful energy is transmitted by tiny glass fibers a few hundred micronsthick. This is a und\beatable in combination with the flexible Ureteroscope, by allowing complete fragmentation of lower calyceal stones previously requiring PCNL.

Laparoscopy – Urological Laparoscopic procedures were stated in the year 2000 and include Lap variclclelectomy, Ureterolithotomy, Nephrectomy and Pyeloplasty.

Renal Transplantation – The first Private Hospital in Mangalore to obtain  Permission for Kidney Transplantation (Vide Certificate No.MDA/11/2005-06).
In addition all standard endo0-Urological Procedures like TUR-Prostatectomy, Visual Internal Urethrotomy, Endo-Prostatic Stent placement,  Tension  free Vaginal Tape (for stress incontinence) etc., are regularly performed. All open Genito-Urinary procedures are also performed, including Male Infertility and Erectile dysfunction – including Penile Prosthesis implantation.