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Mangala hospital is a renowned center for trauma management. Poly trauma patients from all over Dakshina Kannada, Shivamoga, Kundapur, Bhatkal, Kasaragod, Knhangad are referred to our hospital for tertiary care.  We have one of the largest fleet of ambulances in entire district which are stationed at various outreach centers so as to be available for public to access treatment as early as possible. All major orthopedic surgeries are carried out here. Surgery of the spine is one of our specialty with our hospital offering scoliosis correction, minimally invasive disc surgery and spinal fusion for spondylolisthesis.  Joint replacement surgeries are also performed by our team of orthopedicians  on regular basis. The two high frequency image intensifiers(C arm) give excellent visualization during surgery. Our orthopedicians are also trained in performing arthroscopic surgery were a small puncture wound is made and the inside of joint inspected with camera. The surgeries thus performed cause very little pain to the patients and the recovery is thus very fast.