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The department of pediatrics offers young ones a specialized approach under the supervision eminent, senior & well known consultants. Sophisticated operating rooms & post-operative ICU`s with high-end technical support, provide young ones the infrastructural backup they require to deliver superlative care.

Disorders affecting the very young can be different & more complex than adults. We have a fully equipped post-operative care unit for all type of pediatric surgeries including premature & new born ventilators. Dr. Ganapath.P., our Medical Director has vast experience with pediatric & new born anesthesia. Pediatric laparoscopic work is also undertaken.
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Neo Natal Care Unit – caring infants

  • State of art NICU with dedicated Neonatologist & Nursing Staff
  • Exclusive Pediatric & New born ventilators
  • Photo therapy unit
  • Warmer
  • Neo natal CPAP machine
  • Multi para monitors

Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is amongst the most sophisticated in South Canara. The team includes professional who are trained in special needs of children. The hospital has resuscitation bay for the labour theatres & exclusive Operation Theater for caesarian section. Stringent asepsis precautions are taken care including continuous NICU sterilizer. This unit has successfully graduated many preterm & Neonatal surgical babies. Paediatric ICU bed is well equipped with state of art paediatric ventilator and supportive gadgets. Nurses are well trained & competent enough to handle any emergency. This unit is well supported by state of art MOBILE ICU TRANSPORT AMBULANCE to the world class standard.

“NEW LIFE” – Subsidized Neo Natal Care Project”:

Continuing the tradition of introducing new projects at a reasonable cost to people belonging to all economic strata, we are happy in introducing another new project to the palm sized babies called “NEW LIFE” – Subsidized Neo Natal Care Project”.

In the recent years, there is a drastic increase in the number of pregnant women. An increase in the number of pregnant woman from 83 % in 1999 to a whooping 96% in 2006 does not match expansion of the hospitals in Mangalore, the palm sized babies born prematurely, born sick battle for survival.

The project is introduced to overcome death rate of newborns in NICU, which is highly unacceptable. Despite the best efforts of the team in NICU, the babies are easily overpowered by the system & never make it to cradles. We will be privileged to provide basic Neo Natal Care at Rs 1000.00 per day manned by qualified doctors, nurses & technicians.