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Dr. Moideen Nafseer

MBBS, MS (Surgery) DNB (urology) FAGE, FMAS (Laparoscopy)

Dr.  Moideen Nafseer has been successful in medical field providing compassionate care, goal directed approach will be a part of success story of the hospital henceforth. As you are all aware that Urological care has essentially been our strength. The many firsts that we achieved can be seen true indicator of our expertise & pioneering spirit. Mangala Kidney Foundation. Kidney Foundation has been in forefront that offers complete urological care with the latest state of the art equipment. This includes UreteroRenoscopy for endoscopic visualization & removal of ureteric renal stones. Percutaneous Nephro Lithotripsy (PCNL) allows removal of large kidney stones, including stag Horn Caluculi via a minute 1 cm incision. Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) capable of powdering kidney stones on out patient basis without surgery Or anesthesia. This is the first unit of its kind introduced in the district. C arm image intensifier allows safe endo urological surgery to be carried out.

Renal Transplant – a mile stoneAdding a new dimension to the treatment to patients who are diagnosed with kidney failure, a lifelong challenge along with their family & friends, Mangala Kidney Foundation, Mangalore has come with Renal Transplant facility to support the families from emotional stress that has often lead to anxiety & grief. We are happy informing that ours is the 1st private hospital other than medical college hospital & 4th hospital in Mangalore to get permission to do Renal Transplant under the TRANSPLANTATION OF HUMAN ORGANS ACT.

The hospital has credit of being 2nd unit being installed from this company in India & 1st in Karnataka state.

1. Laser Lithotripsy:  Holmium YittriumAluminium Garnet ( Ho:YAG )Laser solid state Laser works at 2140 nm in pulse mode. • The laser energy transmitted via flexible Light fibres – 200 / 365 / 550 micron.  Negligible amount of injury to soft tissue.• The “Photo-thermal” mechanism causes stone vaporization. • The clear advantage is that it is suitable for all types of stones.

2. Flexible Ureteroscopy:  • Gives an easy access to the normally difficult to reach mid & lower calyx of the kidney. • Atraumatic access to all parts of the Ureter, Renal pelvis and all calyces particularly useful to effectively fragment Mid & Lower Calyx Renal stones. • It is very much effective in diagnosis & treatment of Haematuria, Renal Papillary necrosis and Urothelial tumors.

• An unbeatable combination of Flexi URS with Ho- Yag laser provides quick, safe & higher success rate as compared to ESWL and at the same time very less morbidity as compared to PCNL.We are extremely grateful to you for the kind encouragement given to us all these years. It is because of your great support that we have achieved a lot in the Past 24 years and could improve facilities for the benefit of the patients and at the same time keeping an affordable cost to the patients. The entire urological care is well backed by talented youth trained in and Mangala college of Paramedical Sciences, another project run by the Mangala Charitable Trust.

With “Saving Life – Our Motto” as our slogan, Mangala Kidney Foundation will be a project to watch for and surely services are going to be within the reach of a common man. Mangala Hospital is already delivering some percentage of subsidized and sometime free medical care, plans to deliver the same promise to the urological care too.

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